How to Win at Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal is a super addictive version of the game Monopoly, introduced by the Parker brothers. Released in 2008, this game is extremely addictive, fast paced and provides wonderful residual value. The rules to begin with are pretty simple. 5 minutes of instructions and you are ready to begin playing. Once you begin laying Monopoly Deal though, you will not feel the urge to stop playing. The game is quite simple, but a few strategies will keep you ahead in the game, giving you a good competitive edge.

5 simple strategies that you can follow when playing Monopoly Deal are listed below

a)    You will have to build a bank roll to be able to bring into play, property of any kind. Victory in this game requires you to have three color groups. Also your properties have monetary value that you can utilize to pay off debts, so it is impertinent for you to have cash in hand before beginning to play off your properties. This way you will not end up giving up your properties to pay off debts that you accumulate.

b)    You have the option of playing zero cards in one turn, going up to a maximum of 3 cards. Monopoly Deal rules this for some favorable moves, but you do not have to risk any of your key and main properties if you do not have the funds to safeguard them from your opponents. If you have sufficient money to carry you through the game, doesn’t matter, as you might discover that some properties that belong to you are of very low value. For example, if you happen to have Park Place or Boardwalk in your list, you can hold back these cards, until you see an opportunity to utilize them in such a manner that it will win you the round.

c)    Unless you can use three complete sets within one single turn, it is advisable to avoid completing them as only then can you win the game. You can manage to lose your entire set of accumulated cards, if your opponent hands you the ‘deal breaker’ card. You have to guard all your complete sets fiercely. Without them, there is no way for you to win Monopoly Deal. If you have the ‘just say no’ card use it to cancel out the ‘deal breaker’ card.Monopoly Deal

d)    Use wild cards to maximize the property rent value by completing a color group. You can also use it to transform the wild card to another color, thus safe guarding yourself against the ‘deal breaker’ card.

e)    By opting to utilize the rent cards in your pile of cards, you can force your opponents into surrendering their property. This can also be done with other cards that bring you fees, from the draw pile. In Monopoly Deal, all properties come attached with a monetary value. So if you manage to create sufficient debt for an opponent within a single turn, he or she will have to surrender a part of their property to you. One or more of the properties that you are able to secure in this fashion might just be the ones you need to finish up your color groups.

Released in 2008, this game is extremely addictive | monopoly deal.